About Wagneer

Since its inception, WAGNEER has been providing quality vehicle rental services at the most competitive prices. We are able to provide such value to our customers because:
  • As an independent operator we don’t have the high fees nor the bureaucracy of the major franchises.
  • We take good care of our cars minimizing inconveniences to our clients. We understand you are here for important assignments and you don’t want to have problems with your car.
  • We spend our resources on the maintenance and upkeep of our fleet of vehicles and service.
  • With us, you don’t have to pay the expensive airport fee that the major car rental companies have to charge you.
  • Realizing your position in the company we have only the latest and the most comfortable vehicles to offer from our fleet.
  • We will pick you at your flight arrival or at any hotel inIslamabad/Rawalpindiare near the airport, at no extra charge since your convenience is important to us.
  • We understand the value of time for our customers.